Brain Tumours – Don’t let people suffer alone – Champion Profile # 3 – Claire Bullimore (Aunty M)

Champion Profiles

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If anyone deserves a Champions Profile then this young lady is her. Claire Bullimore was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was just twenty five years old. Being well aware that people don’t know what it is like to suffer from the diagnosis from the outside, she set about using her experience to ensure others have support and information. Claire (a.k.a. Aunty M) runs a company which is a social hub for people affected by brain tumours. She uses social networking to link people and charities to give a voice to the world of brain tumour sufferers.

Claire presents a show on Croydon Community Radio Station ( with her co-presenter (her mother a.k.a. Eileen B) that raises awareness about brain tumours. The show aims to support and encourage people with brain tumours. I am sure you will agree – once you have viewed her pages and heard her radio show – that she has gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to support others.

Claire also goes into hospitals, schools and companies to speak about her experience and to educate people about what to expect when people are affected by a brain tumour or brain injury.

It must be incredibly hard to do what she does especially having been through it all herself. What better way is there to say thank you for the blessing of life than helping other people?

Thanks to people like Claire others don’t have to suffer in silence. If you know someone who has suffered from or is suffering with a brain related injury then be sure to point them in the direction of Aunty M.

Look out for a future blog post from Sir Opinionated about Claire’s other ventures (music, writing etc.)

If you want to find out more and wish to support her very worthwhile cause then please click on the various links below and listen to her show (You will even hear Sir Opinionated’s name mentioned!)


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